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Upgrades / Modernization: Technical Improvement Program (T.I.P.) – Optimizing capacity for tomorrow’s demands

Since the sixties our customers world-wide work with our machines. Machines and technology are constantly evolving, and the globalization requires fast technical conversion.  Don’t stay behind!

Does your production line need

  • Additional capacity?
  • Improved product quality?
  • Lower, more competitive maintenance costs?
  • More dependability and productivity?

Often the solution is to upgrade your capabilities using pre-engineered solutions in our Technical Improvement Program (T.I.P.). They keep your quality and capabilities high, while keeping your investment low.

Machines and technology are constantly evolving. Don’t stay behind! With our   T.I.P. modification we will keep your Kugler-Womako machinery up-to-date.

Consisting of updated Service Parts, service methods and/or advisories, overall the T.I.P. enhancements include:

  • Conversion to modern control and drive systems (e.g.  S7)
  • Renewal and improvement of mechanical parts
  • Servo drive upgrades
  • Technological upgrades in respect of cost reduction 
  • Production speed upgrades
  • Technical upgrades for more simply and safely handling  

Consider all the advantages of the T.I.P. approach:

  • Pre-engineered solutions
  • Production line updated to the latest technology
  • Low risk
  • Longer machinery life cycle 
  • Increased product quality and competitiveness
  • More uptime
  • Fast installation performed with real know-how
  • Service Parts availability  

We can also customize the T.I.P. program with Training and Original Service Parts supply.

For further information contact our customer service team.

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