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Machines for the stationery and bookbinding industries

Kugler-Womako offers a large variety of machines for the production of printed products and stationery. The machine portfolio ranges from machines for standard stationery to highly sophisticated quality products with a variety of inserts for print finishing. Binding methods comprise wire binding, plastic spiral, gluing, stitching and others.

Machines for the production of passports

Kugler-Womako machines for the production of passports and security documents fulfill the guidelines of the ICAO and the ISO for "Machine Readable Passports (MRP) and electronic passports."

Machines for the production of filing systems

Kugler-Womako offers a variety of machines for the production of filing products in small to large quantities for the stationery industry.

Precision cutting machines

Kugler-Womako offers precision cutters for converting printed reels to piles of stacked, packed labels, as well as the cutting of white special paper or printed paper from the reel.

Combina labelers

Combina labelers can be easily integrated in new and existing production and packaging lines, due to their compact design and their clearly defined interfaces.

System solutions - more than a machine

In partnership with our sister company E.C.H. Will, Kugler-Womako offers system solutions to support your paper converting processes from start to finish.

Our system solutions

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