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Kugler-Womako owes its success mainly to the people who work here. Motivation, success and satisfaction in the workplace are essential for good performance and a good working atmosphere.

As a result, in addition to performance-oriented payment, we also offer our employees opportunities for career advancement and specific training courses for further job qualification. And we continue to provide for attractive working conditions. Our employees enjoy a wide range of social benefits.

Social benefits

  • An attractive company pension plan
  • Comprehensive accident insurance coverage on business trips
  • Flexible working hours with lots of room to accommodate individual preferences and much more

Orientation program

We have also put together an individual orientation program designed to get our future employees off to a best-possible start.

Advanced training programs

  • An extensive range of advanced training programs geared to the requirements, the job assignment and the requirements of our employees. In a personal employee interview with his/her superior, the employee can discuss goals and personal career planning and determine how to take the next steps in career development.
  • Executive development programs for a common understanding of our management
  • Qualification of the next-generation of technical/skilled workers and executives to assume positions of responsibility

Employee dialog

The employee dialog is carried out once a year and serves to help us achieve common, goal-oriented action and to contribute to the personal development of the employees.

We also offer a great deal of support to young people just starting out on their careers and offer:

  • Vocational training in many different technical and industrial occupations
  •  Internships for high-school and college/university students and retrainees
  • Supervision of diploma theses or seminar papers

Would you like to shape your future with us? We look forward to receiving your application.