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Kugler-Womako GmbH – Partner to the paper converting industry

Kugler-Womako has a long tradition as a supplier of machinery for the paper converting industry.

Its product portfolio includes double wire forming machines, machines for double wire, spiral and plastic spiral bindings, as well as a newly developed paper binding. In addition to punching machines and labeling systems, the company manufactures machines for the production of writing pads and folders, and guillotines for wet glue labels, films and other delicate specialty papers. Another product area is the manufacture of production lines for security documents with integrated microchips.


Our behavior must at all times correspond to our values and principles, legal regulations as well as social norms. This applies in all of the countries in which we are active.

Our General Terms and Conditions of Supply

Download the General Terms and Conditions of Supply of BW Papersystems Stuttgart GmbH (former Kugler-Womako) as  PDF file here.

Our Conditions of Purchase

Download the Kugler-Womako Conditions of Purchase as a PDF file.

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